In these hard times...

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Our plan was to write each week about times where we’ve struggled, how it impacted us and how we managed to come out of it on top, to bring reminders of simple things that can bring you joy…


Then we are hit with this world wide pandemic, affecting everyone in the world, causing so much change and uncertainty.  Causing families to be separated from loved ones, weddings cancelled, community gatherings cancelled, friends separated, partners, country borders closed down.  And here in New Zealand we are about to face winter, there is a possibility of job loss, fear of the unknown.


So instead of a simple reminder of joy, I want to reach out and say if you are struggling with handling the times ahead please don’t hesitate, call your friends, speak to family, and if you want to be anonymous reach out to Lifeline at 0800 543 354 at any time of the day.  They do have wait times, but they will listen and be there for you. 


For those of you who are also Christian like us, put your trust in God.  We all go through hard times, but He promises that in the darkest times, He walks beside us.


Take care everyone, you are all precious.  Just focus on the day ahead, one day at a time.



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