Welcome to our story..

Head 2 Heart Creations

Happiness reminders for the heart

Jeremy and I (Rach) started Head 2 Heart Creations in 2019 shortly after having our first cheeky, but gorgeous son Asher. 
There were a number of things that made the transition to parenthood difficult, including my injured back, loss of a close family member and the awesome usual "mum guilts" almost every mother experiences.


The struggle during this time, particularly after my father
died, led me to the book I purchased some years ago called “500 ways to be happy”
(actual title is “Happiness Is…500 things to be happy about). In it, there was stick figure drawings of small cute things like ‘writing on a steaming mirror’, ‘a fully charged
cellphone’ etc. This led me to the realisation that though I’d purchased this some years ago, relying on my memory of these simple things to bring a smile on my face was not enough.

 As we had both gone through hard times throughout our lives, we started to realise having a physical reminder of the simple or beautiful things in life would really help in the low times.

This began our journey to create physical reminders for people, to bring joy to their lives and help them through any hard time they may have.
We started out by making pendants, inspired by nature, our faith, or childhood memories.  Pendants which had in them cherry blossoms to symbolise rebirth, pendants with sand and shells to represent the calmness of the waves crashing at the ocean, or pendants with stones and moss in them to represent a peaceful walk along the river.
Now, a year later, we are making beautiful personalised photo pendants for our customers like yourself who would like a picture of their children, or pet, or grandparents, or loved ones held close to their heart. 

We are so grateful to our friends and family for supporting us and our desire to bring joy reminders to as many people as possible and finally, most importantly, we are so appreciative to you. Customer or not, we are so grateful to you for stopping by our page and checking out our journey.   
Take care, and always remember “It is the sun that is forever
shining. The storms around you are only temporary and will pass.”  
Best wishes and blessings, 
Rach, Jeremy & Asher